A Personalized Gift For That Special Someone

One of the coolest crystal gifts you can give someone is a crystal heart keychain. It’s simple to make, but it will make your gift stand out. All it needs is some clear acrylic, a plastic surgery foam base, and some clear plastic to glue the photo onto. Then just use your silver deluxe box to put your photo onto, and that’s about it. Make it as personal and unique as you want and the finished product will be just stunning.

There are lots of ways to personalize your crystal keychain. For example, I once gave a woman a crystal heart keychain with her name engraved on the front. She had a cute little baby bumpy thing stuck to the front of the crystal heart keychain, and every time she took her eyes off it, the little bump would move. This was an awesome gift, because she could keep the crystal heart keychain close to her at all times. A personalized crystal heart keychain like this is so cool.

What if you want to do something different for your friend? How about giving her a crystal heart keychain that has a personalized message on the back? I did this once for a co-worker of mine. I got her a clear crystal heart keychain in the shape of a heart, with her name on the front, and some really cute words inscribed on the back. After I designed and printed out the message I placed it on the back of the crystal heart keychain. Within a few days, my co-worker’s special someone was asking me all kinds of questions about her crystal heart keychain.

This was a great way to surprise someone. You don’t have to find them and deliver the gift; you can send them a crystal heart keychain through the mail. It is discreet, safe, and, best of all, it is still a very nice gift to give. It made my friend very happy to receive this crystal heart keychain.

Crystal photo is such a delicate material that it is so lovely to make gifts of crystal. Whether they are large or small crystal figurines, tiny glass beads or big solid crystal pieces, they are so beautiful. They say so much, convey a great message and bring joy to people’s lives.

So, when the holidays come and you know that your friends will like something personalized for them, go for a crystal heart keychain. You can even make your own crystal heart keychain. You can find the step-by-step instructions here. There are also many ways to add personal touches to other crystal gifts, like crystal Christmas ornaments, or crystal baby gifts.

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