3D Crystal – What is a Tessera?

3D digital Crystal is a popular brand of photorealistic glass made to appear as real, physical crystal. The 3D digital crystal material has various uses in a wide spectrum of consumer goods and decorative decor. Most consumers are unaware that 3D digital crystals exist; therefore many do not have a use for them. 3D digital crystal comes in the following three forms:

Toroid and slab crystals are two common examples of crystalline materials. A torsion spring is used to add tension to the crystalline material. Slab crystals are made with the surface of the original material rolled into cubes. Each cube is then cut from a sheet of glass using a laser or by hand. The crystalline material is then placed into a mold which is designed to reflect light, essentially creating a surface of sparkling light.

Crystal tesserae are large glass vases usually used to hold flowers, dried plants, etc. Their surface is covered in different colors such as white, cream, gold, silver, green, and blue. Tesserae are made by using many different styles, patterns, and thicknesses of glass. The dessert style of crystal often incorporates an image such as a bird or flower on its surface. Other designs incorporate a number of small images.

Crystal chandeliers, table lamps, and other lighting fixtures often use dessert as their base material. There is also the possibility of using glass in electrical appliances such as televisions and compact disc players. Glass also forms a protective coating around electrical components in computers, cell phones, and other electronic goods. This allows the electrical component to be protected against scratches and bumps.

A lamp or light bulb can be made from a crystal blower which is basically a device that generates light through a surface. The surface can be any flat surface like plastic or glass. These types of lighting devices need an electric current to work. One such device, which uses a crystal blower is a bathroom light or any other type of lighting that needs direct light.

A lesser or 3d crystal blower has a number of advantages over other types of light sources. For instance the light emitted by a tester is usually more brilliant and has a better color resolution. A crystal blower also produces more intense light without the use of electricity. As well as being able to produce bright, dazzling light they can be used to create subtle shadows as well. In fact some people use them to create a light so soft it makes one think of lace.

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